In-growing Toe-nails

In-growing toe nails are basically nails that grow into the skin around the nail, making the toe painful. They can sometimes become swollen, red, infected and have a mixture of yellowy liquid and blood coming from the painful area. They should be treated as soon as possible as they usually become more difficult and painful the longer they are left. 

At The Foot Space we know how uncomfortable and often very painful in-growing toe nails can be. We will always try to treat you as quickly as possible and discuss all treatment methods with you. It is important to us that you understand your treatment and that you are comfortable with it. We can treat in-growing toe nails conservatively by seeing you on a regular basis or by minor surgery where a small part of the nail is removed under local anaesthetic. 

You should not drive after having local anaesthetic and it is always useful to have someone accompany you home. 

Your initial treatment will last approximately 30 minutes. Future appointments will be arranged by your podiatrist/chiropodist accordingly.