General Chiropody is the treatment of skin and nail conditions such as corns, callus, hard skin and fungal infections. If you are concerned with the skin or nails on your feet then this is the treatment for you. It is also the right treatment if you just want your feet checked over or perhaps to give them a little treat for all the work they do.  Find out more


In-growing toe nails are basically nails that grow into the skin around the nail, making the toe painful. They can sometimes become swollen, red, infected and have a mixture of yellowy liquid and blood coming from the painful area. They should be treated as soon as possible as they usually become more difficult and painful the longer they are left.  Find out more


Verrucae and warts are caused by viruses. They are usually contagious and caught in areas where there are many people walking around without any shoes on - e.g. swimming pools, public changing rooms and dance studios. They can be painful, though this is not usually the case.  Find out more


Fungal infections can affect the skin and/or the nails and is often a source of embarrassment for many people. Depending on the type of fungus, the appearance of an infection varies, the skin may be flaky, red, white, dry or moist and itchy; nails may be thickened, crumbly, splitting, white, yellow or brown. It can be treated though, so for all of you who simply hide your feet away - make an appointment to see your podiatrist/chiropodist and have happy feet again! Find out more


Biomechanics is about the way your body moves, in particular for us, how the movements of your lower limb and foot affect the rest of you. It is important that your feet are in good working order; otherwise you will feel aches and pains in other areas of your body; such as your knees, hips and back, as well as in your feet. Find out more


Orthotics are similar to insoles, in that you put them into your shoes, except that they are used to alter the foot function when you walk. They are prescribed according to your needs and therefore the shape and size differs for different people - so never wear someone else's orthotics! Find out more


Marigold Therapy is a complementary, natural therapy used by specially trained podiatrists in the treatment of many foot conditions. It involves the application of plant-based medication, in the form of pastes, tinctures, oils, creams and ointments. It is a completely safe, pain free treatment and has been extensively researched and proven to be an effective form of treatment. Find out more


Diabetes affects your whole body, including your feet. It is very important to look after your feet, particularly if you have diabetes, as changes can occur to the blood circulation, skin quality, nails, pain sensation and joint movement. Any infections you acquire may be more difficult to clear and wounds can be slower to heal. Find out more


Here at The Foot Space we treat all types of feet, including children's feet. After all, they can get just as many foot problems! Find out more



The Foot Space have teamed up with Physiosense who offer highly skilled and experienced physiotherapy and sports massage. Physiotherapy can be beneficial for many conditions relating to muscles, joints, nerves, circulatory and respiratory. Physiosense also have a Sports Massage Therapist on-site at The Foot Space.
Find out more


Massage can be used to help you to relax, de-stress and increase mobility and aid circulation. Our massage therapists, Samantha and Ann specialise in Therapeutic Massage and Reflexology and Sam also offers Aromatherapy Massage. The treatments can be tailored to suit your needs whether it be a particular area (e.g. back or shoulder) or if you prefer light or firm pressure applied. Find out more